• Specialist Consulting
• Design - Full system, Reviews Upgrades
• Project Management
• Installation / Supervision of installation
• Specialist Equipment supply
• Foam Fractionators
Aquaculture •
            Hatcheries  •
           Growout facilities •
            Boutique and Public Aquariums •
            Project management and Project Co-ordination •
            Waste water treatment •
            Environmental water treatment issues and conservation •
E      perience

AquariCulture has over 15 years experience in the design, set up, management and implementation of new and renovated projects.

A brief list of the places and projects is as follows:

     Australia - Prawn, Crab and Fish Aquaculture hatcheries and growout facilities, Boutique Aquariums
     UK - Seal and Penguin exhibition pools
     Europe - Public Aquariums, Seal exhibition pools, whale show pools and Dolphin Show pools
     Asia - Polar bear, Tiger enclosures.  Seal show pools, Public Aquariums, Boutique aquariums
     Middle East - Public aquariums, Marine Research centre, Museums.


If you would like to contact us to discuss possible projects or if you have a project you think we can help on please give us a call or email us.

Kieran Thurlow
Specialist Consultant and Project Manager
T : +61 (0) 400126040
F : +61 (0) 730111093
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